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April 2020 Newsletter

What's New

There is so much going on here at Crafty Crops, I am excited to tell you all about it.  First, however, I hope this newsletter finds all of you healthy and sane!  For most of you, getting out and going is the norm.  We all hope for that day or two where we can be at home just to relax or to spend with our families, but I swear March was about 6 weeks long, and April has already had 150 days.  Isn't it about time for Halloween or Thanksgiving????  :-)  Any way, I sure hope all of you are staying home, keeping a distance and staying healthy!

Around here, we are doing what we can.  I have been doing some art work with my Chalk Couture.  I am not ready to share any of that yet, but I will soon.  Can't wait for you to see how wonderfully easy it is to create a new look for virtually anything and have fun while doing it.  I am also working on some landscaping.  Well sort of!  We are moving rock around to replace the ugly weeds that have grown along the foundation of the house.  Hoping to give it a cleaner look until we can afford to really do some landscaping.

So, without any further delay, here is what is new.

Crafty Crops Logo Contest
Here it is:

This is still a work in progress, but I like it.  What do you think?
In time, it will be on my Business Cards, on the website, on the return address lables, in my e-mails and even on Facebook.  I just have to get it all worked out.  As for the contest, I had a few entries, but the most help came from my Cousin Jill in Texas  and Marla Cushman.  Jill already gets to come visit anytime she wants and Marla, give me a call when you get this, we will have a conversation.  Thank you everyone for your great ideas and support while I travel my way through this rebranding stuff.

OnLine Store

It is almost ready.  I have been working hard, and I am almost there.  As you know, you have always been able to pay a deposit online, then I got all the options out there, and you could pay for any or all of your event cost just by going to the Crafty Crops web site.  Well, now, you can actually shop online.  We can ship it to you, or you can pick it on from the front porch here at Crafty Crops.  The goal is to have it live by Saturday, April 25, 2020.  I still have to enter the weights and the measurements for all the products we carry, but that is not much, so it won't take long.  I will post in Facebook and send another quick e-mail the day we are ready.  Hopefully, things will go as planned, but just in case they do not, please be patient and be sure to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Quick update!  You can now shop online for Front Door Pick Up.  Mailing will be available in the next couple of days!

New Paper Line coming soon!
Pre-order now!

QLF2280_living_the_quarantine_life_CP_cover.jpg  QLF2285_living_the_quarantine_life_stay_safe.jpg

It will be here some time in the middle of May.

I will let you know when it arrives.

Need More?

How about a card kit of Thank You cards for First Responders and
Front Line Heros?  It will be here in May as well.

And, In Case You Still Need More...
Here is a quick preview of one more new line coming soon for you!

This one can also be pre-ordered!

Do you own a Membership?
If you do, don't worry, Crafty Crops will be extending expiration dates on all Memberships for at least 2 months. 

What is the cost?

$150 for a weekend, starting at noon on Friday til 4:00 on Sunday
$40 to come at noon on Thursday
$40 to Stay until 4:00 on  Monday
$25 for a Day Crop
This can be scheduled anytime, almost any day, just give me a call.

$100 will buy you a membership
This membership will allow you to visit 4 times during the course of 13 months for only $100 per visit.  If you visit 4 times, you will pay $125 per visit.  If you visit only 3 times, you will pay $133.33 per visit and if you visit only twice, you will still only pay $150 per visit.  So this makes it very worth your while.

Up Coming Events

Coming up in July we plan to have an Anniversary Crop. We will make all the plans once we are free to move around the state again. I am hoping to have it the weekend of July 17. More information will follow soon.

Then, of course, we will have our New Year's Rock'n Crop.  The plan is for Thursday, 12/31/20 and going to 1/3/21.  The cost for this crop will be $275, and it will include all 3 nights and 4 days.  I will be providing Breakfast and dinner each day.  There will be lots of giveaways, freebies, gifts and prizes.

Hurry to sign up, spaces are limited to 10 people and I promise a lot of time for your crafts along with lots of fun!

How to Contact me

Business phone is 816.373.5600  Yes, this is a Kansas City number.  
Also, it is a land line that forwards to my cell phone and you cannot text to this number.