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June 2020

Starting Again

I am finding this newsletter very difficult to write.  I feel I need to mention the virus, but I don't want to drag up potentially bad memories for anyone.  I also know that the situation has been a great opportunity for some people to spend some much needed time with their family and close friends. 

So, I hope this newsletter finds each of you doing well and ready to move on with your lives.

Ready, Set, Ship!

In the past 3 and 1/2 months, lots has happened around here starting with the business being completely shut down.  I was forced to move into action and get the Crafty Crops on-line store up and running.  It is not completely done, but it is totally functional and we have been shipping packages all across the country.  You can visit the store at  While the on-line store is doing well, I am really excited to have my friends in my home once again.  I miss you all.  In fact, I am not sure who misses you more, myself or Roxo.  He no longer gets mad when a vehicle pulls into the drive, just jumps directly to excited.  He knows it is a friend coming to visit him even though it normally is not.  As always, he is so much fun to watch!  Below is a picture of my new "Shipping Station".  

What's that next to the Shipping Station you ask?  Well, Don and I were gifted with a new TV for our birthdays.  So, we dug out our old DVD player and bought a stand.  Attached our old TV and now we have a way to watch DVDs anywhere in the house.  Hopefully, soon, we can get it hooked up to our Dish antenna.  I told you, lots of things have been happening around here!  :-)


Yay, we finally got the house all painted.  It was quite the feat as we brought in people from 4 different states to help us make this happen.  I am a bit ashamed to say I did the least painting and 2 of the crew are older than I am.  Anyway my crew included my brother, Ben, and his wife, Pam.  They came from Michigan.  Also from Michigan was my brother Terry.  Then from Iowa we had our daughter, Jessica and a friend, Sarah.  They worked in the boom all day and painted all the peaks.  The peak on the house is 22'.  My brother, Matt flew in from Florida.  My Sister, Anna and her husband, Jack also came from Florida but they drove and made a bit of a vacation of it.  They brought Mom and even stopped in Tennessee to pick up Jack's sister, Charlene.  Then to round out the group my friend from Nashville, IL, came up to help.  And, of course, Don helped by running the boom truck for the girls, and I helped with some of the trim, but it was just way too hot for me, so I did what I could.  

Oh, and we started at 4pm on Friday and it was done except 1 section of the peak on the back of the garage by 8pm on Saturday.  They just totally rocked it out!

Best part is ...
It looks great!!!!

Did someone say S'MORES?

Well, thanks again to Jessi, Jason and the boys, we now have a fire pit right outside the Crop Room door.  I will try to keep all the makings stocked at all times, but feel free to bring your own specialities.  Next, will be some comfortable seating for around the fire pit.  Can't wait to see what we come up with.

I took this picture standing on the deck.  And, as you can see, the fire pit works very well.

As for Crafty Crops,
We are going to re-open July 7.
We have rearranged the bedrooms to make sure all the beds are 6' apart, but just to be safe, I think I want to book groups of no more than 8 for right now.  That keeps us below the "groups of 10" guideline.  If your group is more, we will keep the doors between the 2 halves closed.  I will have plenty of hand sanitizer and even masks.  As for how to handle masks, I ask that if you are not feeling well, you stay at home.  If you have a cough and you still want to come, I am going to ask that you wear a mask.  And, as has become the norm, I will ask that we all practice social distancing.

To help make it a bit more comfortable for everyone, we will be allowing only 1 group in at a time.  That way, you will mostly know each other.  I just think this is best.  If you book a weekend and there is something I can do to help you be more comfortable, especially until this Covid crises is over please just ask. 

This means I will not be hosting the anniversary crop I wanted to host to celebrate 1 year in business as a retreat center.  But with any luck, we will still be able to do the New Year's Rock'n Crop.  I will keep you all informed on all of this.


What does it cost?

$150 for a weekend, starting at noon on Friday til 4:00 on Sunday
$40 to come at noon on Thursday
$40 to Stay until 4:00 on  Monday
$25 for a Day Crop.  This can be scheduled anytime, almost any day, just give me a call.

$100 will buy you a membership.  This membership will allow you to visit 4 times during the course of 13 months for only $100 per visit.  If you visit 4 times, you will pay $125 per visit.  If you visit only 3 times, you will pay $133.33 per visit and if you visit only twice, you will still only pay $150 per visit.  So this makes it very worth your while.


How to Contact me

Business phone is 816.373.5600  Yes, this is a Kansas City number.  
Also, it is a land line and you cannot text to this number.